About Us

Construction MediCamp is a nationwide medical management group that specializes in providing temporary medical clinics to energy and construction related companies to oversee any and all minor medical injuries and illnesses that arise on-site. Our mission is to ensure the health and safety of your employees by providing highly qualified medical personnel with advanced training in occupational medicine, as well as general wellness and primary medical care.

You can now take control of ensuring that your company's health and safety protocols can be met consistently and effectively while maintaining full compliance with OSHA and DOT regulations.


Services We Provide

On-Site Clinics
Construction MediCamp will set-up and maintain all necessary medical equipment and supplies for the on-site clinic to provide appropriate medical care for minor illnesses, accidents and injuries that occur.
Medical Management
Each medical provider utilized by Construction MediCamp will collaborate with and work under a Supervising Physician appointed by Construction MediCamp.
Medical Staff
Construction MediCamp will staff each clinic with licensed medical professionals for 6 days per week and 12 hours per day unless otherwise agreed upon with client.



What Our Clients Are Saying

“Construction MediCamp has provided us with exceptional service on multiple projects. The caliber of their field staff has been consistently high and provided our employees with a comfort level to openly visit and address their non-work and work-related issues. Their knowledge, professionalism and overall assistance in caring for anyone injured during work activities has definitely prevented us from having a much higher recordable injury rate. The field staff are more than just standby medical professionals, they are valued team members and feel like family. ”
- Pipeline Construction Client
“As a first time user of Construction MediCamp, there are not enough positive things we can say about the professionalism of their entire operation. They see to everything during the onboarding process of the clinic through the closing of the clinics at the end of the job. MediCamp provided all of the medical supplies necessary to manage the health care of our employees. We had two long term jobs in two states and they provided clinics in both locations and were truly an asset to our work. Recordables, lost time injuries and restricted duty cases were all significantly reduced. We were able to use the clinics during the winter cold and flu season to keep workers on the job… and they even did DOT physicals for our teamsters. It was a pleasure working with Construction MediCamp and their people. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering using an on-site medical facility, you won’t be disappointed!”
- Pipeline Construction Client